Update Your Kuwait Civil ID Photo Online in 2024

Having an up-to-date photo on your Kuwaiti civil ID is essential for clear identification and to avoid issues when accessing government services or traveling. If your appearance has changed significantly or the photo quality is poor, you may want to update your civil ID photo through the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)‘s online system.

What You’ll Need

To successfully change your civil ID picture online in Kuwait, you’ll need:

  • Your 13-digit civil ID number
  • The serial number on your ID
  • A mobile number registered in Kuwait
  • Your updated photo meeting PACI’s requirements
  • Supporting documents like passport, etc. if you’re an expat

How to Change Photo in Civil ID Kuwait Online?

Follow the step-by-step process below to complete your civil ID photo update eService:

Step 1: Visit PACI Website and Select Language

Go to the PACI website and choose English as your language in the top right corner if it is not already set. Arabic is the default.

Step 2: Click on “E-Services”

On PACI’s homepage, click the eServices button to access the portal for online services.

Step 3: Select “Photo Update” Service

Under the Individual Services section, find and click the “Photo Update” link to initiate your photo change request.

Step 4: Enter Your Details

On the Photo Update page, carefully enter your 13-digit civil ID number and the serial number printed on your ID card. Also input your registered Kuwait mobile number.

Step 5: Verify Via SMS Code

PACI will send a one-time SMS code to your mobile number. Input this verification code and click Next to proceed.

Step 6: Upload New Photo

Follow the photo standards and upload your new ID picture. Images should be high quality, colored, sized between 500×700 pixels and 800×1000 pixels.

Step 7: Attach Supporting Documents

If you are a visa holder such as an expat, you will need to provide additional docs like your passport personal details page, embassy letter, etc. Upload scans or images of these documents.

Step 8: Preview and Submit

Preview your entries and new photo then click Submit/Save to complete your online Kuwait civil ID picture change application.

Step 9: Wait for Notification Messages

Watch for SMS updates from PACI on your request’s status from 1889988. Initially, you will receive confirmation of submission. Later, after verification, you will be notified if your photo update is approved or rejected.

Step 10: Check Photo Change Status

Use the link provided in your approval SMS to track progress on PACI’s site. Once changed, your new civil ID picture will display on your profile.

Kuwait Civil ID Photo Standards

To avoid rejection when applying for a civil ID photo change, ensure your image meets PACI’s photo standards:

  • Recent colored photo showing your full face
  • Plain white background
  • Normal expression (no smiling/laughing)
  • High resolution, good lighting
  • Face centered and head/chin straight

Men must be without headwear or glasses. For women, only hijab/headscarves providing full facial visibility are permitted.

Civil ID Photo Update Timing

How long does it take to change your civil ID picture through PACI’s system? Submission is immediate but approval timing depends on:

  • 10-15 Days: Standard PACI processing time
  • Few Hours: To change photo after approval

So in total it generally takes up to 2-3 weeks to complete your online civil ID photo update in Kuwait.

Check Photo Update Status

Besides waiting for SMS notifications, you can manually check your civil ID photo update status by:

  • Logging into PACI eServices
  • Going to Public Inquiries page
  • Searching for your civil ID profile
  • Verifying if new photo is displayed

This allows you to track progress without contacting PACI directly regarding your submitted request.


Updating the photo on your Kuwait civil ID through PACI’s online eService portal is straightforward. Following the step-by-step process and meeting image standards will help ensure quick approval.

Within 10-15 days, plus a few hours for the actual change, you can have your new civil ID picture visible to avoid identification issues when accessing public or private services.

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