How To Check Civil Id Serial Number In Kuwait?

Knowing your Civil ID serial number in Kuwait is important for accessing many government and private services. There are a few straightforward ways to check your Civil ID number if you’ve forgotten or lost it. This guide will outline the main methods for checking your Civil ID serial number in Kuwait either online or by phone.

Benefits of Checking Your Civil ID Serial Number

Before getting into the step-by-step instructions, understanding why you may need to check your Civil ID number can be helpful:

  • Access Government Services: Your Civil ID contains essential identification details needed for many e-government portals and services.
  • Banking/Private Sector Services: Banks, telecoms, and other private companies in Kuwait often request Civil ID details for new accounts/services.
  • Avoid Penalties: Not knowing your Civil ID details can sometimes incur minor penalties if requested by authorities. Checking it in advance avoids issues.

So in short, regularly checking that you have the right Civil ID serial number can save major hassle when accessing essential public and private services.

Method 1: Checking Civil ID Number Online

The quickest and most convenient way to check your Civil ID serial number is through the Ministry of Interior’s online portal:

  1. Visit the Civil ID eService Portal
  2. Enter Your Civil ID Number
    • On the eService portal, select “Inquire about the internal reference number”. Then enter your 12-digit Civil ID number and click “Search”.
  3. View Civil ID Serial Number
    • After searching your Civil ID number, your serial number will then be displayed prominently at the top of the results page along with other personal details.
  4. Save or Take Note of Number
    • Be sure to write down or take a screenshot of the serial number in case you need to reference it again in future.

Following those simple steps allows you to check and retrieve your Civil ID serial number through MOI’s digital verification system quickly and securely.

Method 2: Checking Civil ID By Phone

If you need to check your Civil ID number and don’t have computer access, MOI also provides a telephone-based automated system:

  1. Call MOI’s Civil ID Voice Query System
    • Dial 1889988 to reach MOI’s automated Civil ID voice query line. This services is available in English and Arabic.
  2. Key in Civil ID Number
    • Listen to the voice prompts and key in your 12-digit Civil ID number using your phone’s keypad.
  3. Receive Civil ID Details
    • After entering the ID number, the automated voice system will read out essential Civil ID details, including your full name, nationality, date of birth, and crucially the serial number.
  4. Note Down Serial Number
    • Have paper ready so you can write down the Civil ID serial number as the robotic voice reads it out. Missing any digits could lead to future issues.

So dialing the government’s Civil ID voice line allows you to easily retrieve key personal ID details, including that all-important serial number, without internet access or visiting government offices.

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