How To Change Civil Id Address In Kuwait?

Updating your home address listed on your Civil ID in Kuwait is an important step whenever you move residences. There is a defined process for changing the Civil ID address through the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). This guide will cover PACI’s requirements, documents needed, and step-by-step process for updating your registered address.

Who Can Change Their Civil ID Address?

Before getting into the procedural details, first let’s review eligibility. The Civil ID address change service is open to:

  • Kuwaiti citizens
  • Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

So both Kuwaitis and GCC expats/residents in Kuwait can utilize this service following the steps below.

Documents Needed to Change Civil ID Address

To change the home address registered on your Civil ID, Kuwait’s PACI requires you submit the following documentation:

  • Your original Civil ID card
  • Two recent personal color photos (4x6cm in size)
  • Proof of your new home address (lease, title deed, etc)

Some additional notes on the photo and proof of address requirements:

  • Photos should be taken within last 6 months, showing full front face without glasses (2:2 to 2:5 face ratio)
  • Lease contract OR electricity bill OR ownership deed of your new home
  • If applicable, also need house owner’s Civil ID copy or power of attorney for representation

So in summary, your Civil ID card, official photos, and documents showing your new home address are needed.

Step-by-Step Process to Change Address

Once you’ve gathered the required documents, here is the process to change your Civil ID address through PACI:

Visit PACI Headquarters in Zahra

Go to PACI’s office at the Zahra Complex (first floor, Citizens’ Office)

Pay 5 KD Fee

Pay the set 5 KD administrative fee to change your Civil ID address

Submit Completed Application

Hand in your form, photos, Civil ID, and proof of new address

Await Notification of Approval

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an SMS/letter once approved

Return to Collect Updated Civil ID

After approval (usually within a week), go back to PACI HQ to collect your Civil ID with updated address

So in summary, you need to visit the PACI office in-person to submit the documents, then after processing you must return to pickup your revised Civil ID showing your change of residence address.

Additional Notes

Here are some other useful points:

  • You can also start the process online through PACI’s website
  • If you can’t attend in person, you can authorize someone via Power of Attorney

In Conclusion

Updating your home address is essential whenever you change residence, as it impacts access to many essential services. By following PACI’s process and providing the required documents, Kuwaiti citizens and GCC residents can conveniently change the address registered on the Civil ID.

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