PACI Civil ID Status Check 2024 | PACI Kuwait Civil ID Status

Need to check your Kuwait Civil ID status in 2024? In this guide we will explain the easy ways to check PACI Civil ID Status online through official PACI and MOI websites. The civil ID card is an important identification document for all expats and citizens in Kuwait. You must have a valid civil ID to access essential services, so checking the status regularly is crucial.

PACI Civil ID Status 2024 | Kuwait Civil ID Status Check

To check your Kuwait Civil ID status, enter your ID details below. If you are not redirected within 10 seconds, click the link below to visit the official site.

This service is also available on the voice query system with telephone number 1889988

Check Kuwait Civil ID Status through Official Channels

Need to check your civil ID status in Kuwait? There are 8 official and authorized ways to check your status securely:

  1. MOI Website – Visit the Ministry of Interior website at Enter your civil ID number to check status online.
  2. PACI Website – Go to the PACI website at and enter your civil ID number to view status.
  3. MOI App – Use the MOI Kuwait app to check your civil ID status easily on your phone.
  4. Call MOI Helpline – Check status by calling the MOI helpline and following voice prompts.
  5. SMS Service – Send an SMS to 1889988 to check status via text message.
  6. MOI Service Centers – Visit an MOI service center in person to check status officially.
  7. PACI Service Centers – Fill out a status inquiry at a PACI center to check in person.
  8. Voice Mail – Call 188988 and select voice mail options to check status by voicemail.

Checking through official channels ensures your information stays fully secure. Keep your civil ID status up to date always.

Check Civil ID Status on MOI Website

You can easily check your civil ID status online using the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the official MOI website at

1 Go to the official MOI website

Step 2: Click on the “Civil Status Icon” on the homepage.

Step 2: Click on the "Civil ID" icon on the homepage.

Step 3: Enter your Civil ID number into the search box.

Step 3: Enter your Civil ID number into the search box.

Step 4: If you are a Kuwaiti citizen, select “Kuwaiti”. For other nationalities, select “Other nationalities”.

Step 4: If you are a Kuwaiti citizen, select "Kuwaiti". For other nationalities, select "Other nationalities".

Step 5: Click the “Confirm” button to submit.

Step 6: Your current civil ID status will now be displayed on the website.

Checking through the official MOI website is a fast and secure way to verify your civil ID status online. Make sure to keep your identification up to date.

Check Civil ID Status on MOI Kuwait App

The MOI Kuwait app allows you to easily check your civil ID status on your mobile device. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and Install the MOI App

To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your device and search for “MOI Kuwait”. Download and install the official MOI Kuwait app.

Step 2: Register an Account

Open the installed app and tap “Register”. Sign up for an account by entering your Kuwait phone number and civil ID number. Look for a verification text to confirm registration.

Step 3: Login to Your Account

From the MOI app home screen, tap “Login” and enter your Kuwait phone number and account password to access your account.

Step 4: Navigate to Civil ID Status

From your account menu, tap “Residency & Citizenship” then choose “Civil ID Status”. When prompted, enter your civil ID details to check status.

Step 5: View Your Status

Your latest civil ID status will display in the app. Keeping updated is easy with the MOI Kuwait mobile app!

Check Civil ID Status via PACI Mobile App

The PACI app offers a quick way to check your civil ID status right from your phone. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download the PACI App

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the official PACI mobile app on your device. It is free to install.


Step 2: Use the Civil ID Inquiry Feature

Open the PACI app and select “Civil ID Inquiry” from the main menu. Enter your civil ID number, birth date, and verification code when prompted.

Step 3: View Your Status

After submitting your details, your current civil ID status will display in the PACI app. Keeping updated is fast and easy.

Check Status by Calling PACI

You can also check your civil ID status by calling the PACI contact center at 1889988:

Step 1: Call 1889988 and select English.

Step 2: Choose the civil ID services option.

Step 3: Follow prompts to check renewal status, validity, or general inquiry.

Check Civil ID Status by SMS

Additionally, PACI offers an SMS service to check status by texting commands to 1889988:

  • Renewal Status: Text “R CivilIDNo”
  • General Inquiry: Text “I CivilIDNo”
  • Envelope Inquiry: Text “E ReceiptNo”
Check Civil ID Status by SMS

Check Status by Voicemail

Calling the PACI voicemail service at 188988 is another easy way to check your civil ID status without speaking to an agent.

To get started, call the 188988 PACI voicemail number from your phone. When prompted, select your preferred language – Arabic or English.

Next, press 1 on your phone keypad to enter the civil ID query options.

The PACI voicemail service provides an easy hands-free way to check your key civil ID details 24/7 without waiting on hold.

Check Civil ID Status at MOI Service Centers

You can check your civil ID status in person by visiting a MOI service center. Bring your original civil ID card and other ID documents like passport or iqama.

At the MOI office, go to the designated counter for civil ID status checks. The staff will verify your documents and check your status in the system. You will get accurate updates on your civil ID validity, renewal progress, or any other details.

While still an option, visiting MOI centers takes more time compared to the convenient online status check process.

Check Status at PACI Service Centers

You can also check civil ID status at PACI service centers located across Kuwait:

Step 1: Visit a PACI service center and bring ID documents.

Step 2: Ask the receptionist for a civil ID status check. Fill out the provided form.

Step 3: Make sure to accurately enter your civil ID and passport details.

Step 4: Submit the completed form to the receptionist.

Step 5: You will receive an update on your civil ID status after processing.

Check Civil ID Status on PC

Follow these steps to check your civil ID status on a desktop computer:

Step 1: Visit the official PACI website.

Step 2: Type your 12-digit civil ID number into the search box.

Step 3: Click the “Query” button to check your status.

If Pending Status:

You may need to wait a few more days for your new PACI civil ID card if status is pending. Once ready, you can collect it from PACI or pay 2KD for home delivery.

Apply for Civil ID:

To apply for a new civil ID, submit your details through the PACI online appointment system. Provide personal info and identification number.

The civil registry will assign you a unique civil ID number to use for legal procedures, school enrollment, government services, and more.

Checking status directly on the PACI website is a fast and easy way to monitor your civil ID details on desktop.

What is the Kuwait Civil ID Card?

The Kuwait Civil ID is the official government-issued identification card for citizens of Kuwait. All Kuwaiti citizens aged 5 and older must carry a valid Civil ID card. The Civil ID contains important personal information, including:

  • Civil ID number
  • Full name
  • Nationality (Kuwaiti)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Card expiration date

Checking Your Civil ID Number Status

After starting the residency process and completing the visa and medical checks in Kuwait, you will receive a Civil ID number. With this number, you can verify the status of your Civil ID card and when you can pick it up from the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

Check with your employer’s HR department if you are on a work visa – they can provide your Civil ID number. Here’s how to check your Civil ID status online once you have the number:

Who is Eligible for a Kuwait Civil ID Card?

All Kuwaiti citizens and residents over age 5 with a valid Civil ID expiring in over 1 month are eligible. This includes:

  • Existing residents who renewed their ID and paid the fee
  • New residents in Kuwait receiving their first Civil ID card

Applying for a New Kuwait Civil ID Card

Follow these steps to successfully apply for a new Civil ID card:

  • Visit the Ministry of Information’s website and select “eServices” then “Apply for a National ID Card” under Citizen Services.
  • Complete and submit the online application form.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • Wait to receive your physical ID card.
  • When it arrives, visit a Civil ID office with your Kuwaiti passport and new ID card. They will take your photo and fingerprints.
  • Renew your Civil ID every 10 years by repeating this application process. You won’t need to repay fees when renewing.

New Civil ID cards are typically ready within 7 days of successful application.

Changing Your Name on the Kuwait Civil ID

Follow these steps to change your name on your Kuwait Civil ID card:

  1. Visit the PACI Envelope system website and select English at the top if needed.
  2. Choose your new updated name.
  3. Click “Update Latin Name for Non-Kuwaitis.”
  4. Enter your civil ID number or name and serial number on the back of your card.
  5. Click continue.
  6. If your card is not up for renewal, you cannot change your name.
  7. Enter your mobile number to receive a verification code.
  8. Input the code and click “Verify.”
  9. Complete the new form with your correct details.
  10. Upload a passport photo on a blue background.
  11. You will receive a reference number – track your application status with this.
  12. Once approved, pay the fee via the link provided.
  13. Manually check for the payment link activation.
  14. Finally, replace your old civil ID with the new one at PACI South Surra.

Checking Kuwait Civil ID Validity

You can check the validity of your Kuwait Civil ID card by:

  1. Going to the Civil Information Authority website.
  2. Clicking on “Card Services” at the top.
  3. Choosing “Card Validity” from the services list.
  4. Entering your civil ID serial number.
  5. Clicking the “Query” icon.
  6. Viewing the validity details of your civil ID.

Renewing a Kuwait Civil ID Card

Follow these steps to renew your expired Kuwait civil ID card:

  1. Visit the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) official website.
  2. Click on “e-Service.”
  3. Select “Card Status” from the service list.
  4. Input your civil ID number in the text box.
  5. Press “Query” to check your status.

Civil ID Renewal Process for Kuwaitis

Kuwaitis aged 18+ can renew expired ID cards directly online, by phone, or through a parent. Those under 18 can renew via a parent online or by phone.


  • Kuwaitis 18+ who obtained nationality can renew online/phone. Provide a personal photo if needed.
  • Those under 18 can renew online/phone. If 10+, submit a personal photo.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of Nationality Certificate (first page, last page, original)
  • Personal 4×6 cm colored photo without glasses, centered face 2.2-2.5cm, no military uniforms, fine background color/clarity
  • Original civil ID
  • Envelope
  • Power of attorney from Ministry of Justice if not attending in person

Paying Fees for a Kuwait Civil ID

Follow these steps to pay fees for your Kuwait Civil ID:

  1. Visit PACI’s site and choose English.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Input your civil ID information.
  4. Enter your contact information.
  5. Confirm delivery address.
  6. Confirm delivery details.
  7. Pay for delivery.

Checking Kuwait Civil ID Fines Online

  1. Go to the PACI official website.
  2. Click “Civil ID Services” on the top menu.
  3. Select “Fine Inquiry” from the menu.
  4. Enter the security code and your civil ID number.
  5. Click “Submit.”

Tracking Home Delivery of a Kuwait Civil ID

You can track home delivery of your new civil ID card by:

  • Entering your civil number to check if it’s ready.
  • Visiting the PACI website and selecting “Delivery Request Status” under “Options.”
  • Inputting your civil ID number and clicking “Search.”
  • Viewing application status on the next page.
  • Presenting your old civil ID when receiving the new card.

PACI Civil ID Card Home Delivery Process

Follow PACI’s official site to get home delivery of your civil ID:

  1. Switch PACI’s site to English.
  2. Carefully read and accept all instructions and delivery company terms.
  3. Indicate if you have an old civil ID or not.
  4. Enter your civil ID and serial number.
  5. Provide contact information and preferred country. Can manually enter address.
  6. Confirm delivery address: Use card address, another PACI address, or enter manually.
  7. Verify delivery information matches civil ID application.
  8. Complete payment and print/save confirmation receipt.

Booking a PACI Appointment for Civil ID Online

Follow these steps to book a PACI appointment online:

  1. Submit request on PACI website.
  2. Go to online portal and click “E-Services.”
  3. Accept terms and conditions.
  4. Click “Start” to begin service.
  5. Select “Appointment Booking” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose reason for appointment from list.
  7. Select PACI branch and office.
  8. Click “Next” to continue.
  9. Pick preferred date, time, and shift for appointment.
  10. Confirm office visit schedule.

New Method for PACI Civil ID Inquiry in Kuwait

In addition to checking your Kuwait civil ID status online, you can also call the hotline at 1889988 to inquire about your civil ID details. When you call this number, provide your ID number and other personal information to confirm your identity. After verification, the current status of your civil ID will be communicated over the phone.

Note: The Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Kuwait requires citizens to check civil ID status online. However, other options like Kuwaiti consular services are available for those residing abroad. Consult the experts at Kuwaiti consulates in your resident country for any civil ID status inquiries.

Finding Your Kuwait Civil ID Reference Number

Your civil ID reference number allows you to track applications and verify ID details. To find your Kuwait civil ID reference number:

  • Access MOI’s Electronic Services portal.
  • Choose the option to inquire about internal reference number.
  • For Kuwaitis, enter nationality issuance date.
  • For residents, input passport number and expiry.
  • Click “Inquire.”

Replacing a Lost Kuwait Civil ID Card

If your civil ID is lost or stolen, you can replace it by:

  • Visiting the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) office in Surra with your original passport and civil ID copy.
  • Submitting passport copies as well.
  • This process is lengthy, so check the link below for full details on replacing a lost Kuwait civil ID.

Key Features of the Kuwait Civil ID Card

Kuwait’s national eID card enables digital identification and residency for citizens. It facilitates e-government services through:

  • Compliance with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rules for seamless GCC travel.
  • Overt and covert security features for a safe, secure ID document.
  • Contactless technology for fast, convenient identity verification at borders.

Partnership Benefits

With infrastructure for civil ID issuance, PACI Kuwait empowers government and businesses to deliver innovative services. Thales takes pride in contributing to this digital ID ecosystem.

Kuwait demonstrates how a national eID card, especially as a platform for smart cities, benefits countries. The reliable eID also builds trust in e-government among citizens.

Millions of Kuwaitis now enjoy greater convenience and comfort accessing public services and institutions thanks to technology and digital administration.

Kuwait Civil ID Customer Care

For civil ID inquiries or issues, contact the Directorate General of Civil ID and Passports at +965 1804080 daily from 10AM to 6PM. You can also reach them via WhatsApp for assistance.

Changing Your Address on the MOI Kuwait Civil ID

If relocating within Kuwait, you can update your civil ID address via MOI Kuwait:

  • Visit the PACI website.
  • Log in with your civil ID number and password.
  • Go to “Update Data” and select “Change of Address.”
  • Enter your new address and submit the request.
  • Provide supporting documents like a lease or utility bill for verification.
  • Once approved, collect your updated civil ID from the nearest service center.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kuwait Civil ID Status

Q: How do I check my civil ID details in Kuwait?

Call 188988, select a language, press 1 for the query service, enter your civil ID number, and wait for results.

Q: How can I check Kuwait residency status with my passport number?

On the e-visa website, enter your passport number and application number along with the captcha code and click submit. Alternatively, enter just your application number and captcha without the passport number.

Q: How can I track delivery of my new Kuwait civil ID card?

The ID is delivered within 2 working days after the company picks it up from PACI headquarters. The new card cannot be delivered without handing over the old civil ID to the representative.

Q: How do I check my Kuwait residency status?

On the MOI portal, log in and go to electronic services for companies. Select company residency services. Enter your company name and employee civil number to search. Review the results and renew residency if required.

Q: How do I find my national ID number?

Check your passport, ID card, resident permit or other national documents. The 11-digit number containing your birthdate is your national ID number.

Q: How can I verify my identity status?

Visit the government website and input your ID number and birthdate to check your status online. You can also check your status in person at the nearest police station.

Q: How do I check my civil ID expiry date?

Make inquiries on the Ministry of Justice website by your civil ID number, e-number, Public Prosecution case number, court case number, or expert case number. This allows you to track case status and key dates.

Q: How can I check civil ID status with my passport number?

On MOI’s portal, access Electronic Services. Choose to inquire about internal reference number. Enter your passport number, expiry, and click Inquire.

Q: Can I get a mobile civil ID in Kuwait?

Yes, download the Kuwait Mobile ID app. Register with your civil ID, serial number, and passport number. Take a selfie, complete the process, and your mobile civil ID will be available once approved.

Q: How do I update my civil ID online?

Open the Kuwait Mobile ID app, go to the menu, select Update ID, choose Update ID on Smartphone, accept Terms & Conditions, and follow the prompts.

Q: How can I check civil ID fines through MOI Kuwait?

Visit Moi Kuwait’s website, go to E-Services, select Check Civil ID Fines, input your civil ID, verify additional steps, and click Submit/Check to see results.

Q: How do I change my mobile number on my civil ID?

Open Kuwait Mobile ID app and click the popup to renew your mobile ID. Enter PIN, click Continue, and you have successfully updated your mobile number.

Q: What exactly is the Kuwait Civil ID card?

It is a government-issued identification document mandatory for all Kuwaiti citizens and residents over age 5. It serves as ID for accessing services, employment, travel, banking, voting, and other transactions.

Q: How can I check my civil ID status online?

Visit the official PACI website, enter your civil ID number, and follow the instructions to check your status. Alternatively call 1889988 and check status by entering your civil ID.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a civil ID in Kuwait?

You can appear before PACI for your civil ID 2 days after visa stamping. Once approved, you’ll know the expected processing time. New cards typically take 7 days from successful application.

In summary, keeping your Kuwait civil ID active and updated is crucial for accessing essential services as a resident or citizen. Follow the instructions above to check your status, renew your card, replace if lost, and resolve any issues promptly. Let me know if you need any clarification!